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The 21 most believable rumors about Samsung's Galaxy S8, one of the biggest smartphones of 2017


samsung galaxy s8 invitation

Samsung's big Galaxy S8 event on March 29th is fast approaching, and we're excited to see how the company will follow up on one of the best smartphones of 2016, the Galaxy S7.

We've heard a bunch of rumors surrounding the Galaxy S8 by this point, so we went ahead and rounded up the most credible leaks and rumors in one place, cutting out the rumors that seem like a long shot.

Check out what we think Samsung has in store for us with the Galaxy S8:  


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So what does it look like? This is allegedly the Galaxy S8.

Prolific gadget leaker Evan Blass revealed apparent press photos of the Galaxy S8, showing the device in different angles and colors.

It'll have narrower borders than previous Galaxy S phones.

According to Bloomberg, the Galaxy S8 phones will have narrower borders than the Galaxy S7 phones. A slew of photo and video leaks, like Blass' photo leak in the first rumor of this list, appear to support this rumor, too.

The display will have rounded corners instead of sharp corners.

Two YouTube videos allegedly show Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone with rounded corners instead of the sharp corners we've seen on previous Galaxy S smartphones.

Samsung's own press invitation for the Galaxy S8 launch event alludes to the rounded corners, too.

galaxy s8 invitation 800 wide rounded corners

The recently announced LG G6 has similarly rounded corners. LG claims they help make the screen more durable against cracks, and they match the rounded corners of the phone's design. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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