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Artificial intelligence isn’t science fiction – it’s a business fact


artificial intelligence bundleArtificial intelligence goes by many names—machine learning, augmented intelligence, neural networks and more.

In fact, over a dozen terms are used to describe how machines are being used by organizations of all types to emulate human thinking, reasoning and decision-making.

Artificial intelligence is simply machines emulating human thinking, reasoning, decision-making.   Far from being the stuff of science fiction, AI is here now and creating exciting new opportunities for forward-thinking enterprises in every industry.   

If you want the real story about how AI may affect your organization—and your career—we have good news.   

In one simple step, you can acquire the critical information you need to not only understand artificial intelligence as never before, and also see how you can use  artificial intelligence to your benefit .   

It’s a shortcut that can revolutionize your business, leapfrog your competitors and grow your company’s bottom line: The eMarketer Artificial Intelligence Bundle.

The acknowledged leader in the field of digital economy research, eMarketer, is for the first time making two of their most important reports on artificial intelligence available to non-members like you.

With one simple step, you can acquire the most comprehensive, wide-ranging and valuable research on AI in business.

Only The eMarketer Artificial Intelligence Bundle gives you an in-depth look at how AI is being used today and where it’s headed tomorrow.    

Simply put, all the key players in your organization need to understand the promise of AI or risk being left behind by the competition:      

  • Marketers and advertisers can exponentially increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and ad buys through AI’s ability to find higher-qualified prospects and deliver the right messages to them at the right time.
  • Customer service managers can use new call center algorithms and chatbots to satisfy customers more quickly and more efficiently.
  • Media and content providers can use AI to not only provide a better website experience through smart recommender systems and search technologies, they can create automated content that sounds like it was written by a human.
  • IT managers, of course, will need to know how to evaluate, budget for and maintain AI systems that may be completely unlike anything they’ve experienced before.    

Whether you’re already employing AI techniques or just getting off the ground, this is the kind of analysis you need to make the most of your AI initiatives.    

A One-Of-A-Kind Resource

Just a few minutes with this special research collection will reveal why it is superior to any similar product:

  • Breadth and depth of research: The reports in The eMarketer Artificial Intelligence Bundle have scores of insights, revelations and facts.  Because their researchersspecialize in gathering research from as many sources as possible—academic institutions, government data, industry associations, online media platforms, audience measurement firms, and other media researchers and consultants—you get the most important big-picture insights with the granular detail you need to use it to its fullest potential.    
  • Specific companies and technologies: Each report not only looks at the broader trends within AI, they name the specific companies and products that are on the leading edge of applying AI to thorny business problems.  
  • Expert analysis: The report authors have decades of experience in researching and analyzing all aspects of the digital world, from advertising, marketing and social media to technology, apps and demographics. They know how to separate the noise from the valuable insights and never bog you down in trivia or ignore the obvious.    
  • Informed forecasts: The authors don’t just report what’s working today. They conduct scores of interviews with executives, advertisers, media buyers and marketers to not just confirm the raw data, but also forecast where growth opportunities are in the years to come.

Not Available Anywhere Else

Typically, these exclusive reports are only available to a select number of eMarketer subscribers. But for the first time, eMarketer is making The eMarketer Artificial Intelligence Bundle available for purchase, and this is the only way you can get it!

But that's not all! Order today and you'll save more than 50% off the price you’d pay if each report in the bundle were sold separately. Click here to purchase the bundle.

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