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59 impressive things artificial intelligence can do today


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That’s the year in which artificial intelligence will be able to perform any intellectual task a human can perform, according to one survey of experts at a recent AI conference. Anything and everything any person has ever done in all of history — all of it doable, by 2050, by intelligent machines.

But what can AI do today? How close are we to that all-powerful machine intelligence? I wanted to know, but couldn’t find a list of AI’s achievements to date. So I decided to write one.

What follows is an attempt at that list. It’s not comprehensive, but it contains links to some of the most impressive feats of machine intelligence around.

Here's what AI can do:

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What AI can do: Everyday human stuff

👓 Recognize objects in images

🗺 Navigate a map of the London Underground

👂 Transcribe speech better than professional transcribers

🌎 Translate between languages

😮 Speak

Pick out the bit of a paragraph that answers your question

😡 Recognize emotions in images of faces

🙊 Recognise emotions in speech


🚘 Drive

🚁 Fly a drone

🅿️ Predict parking difficulty by area

Science & medicine

💊 Discover new uses for existing drugs

🚑 Spot cancer in tissue slides better than human epidemiologists

💉 Predict hypoglycemic events in diabetics three hours in advance

👁 Identify diabetic retinopathy (a leading cause of blindness) from retinal photos

🔬 Analyze the genetic code of DNA to detect genomic conditions

🕵 Detect a range of conditions from images

⚛️ Solve the quantum state of many particles at once

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